Sunday, 14 April 2019

Birthday - CD Sunday

For the next two weeks the CD Sunday Design Team are celebrating the 9th birthday of the Challenge! The theme is one that we all make cards for – Birthday!



We’ve all contributed to the prize money and the lucky winners will be able to name which craft retailer they want to receive a gift voucher for. I’m sure everyone has a wish list for something from their favourite craft store so now’s your chance to possibly make that longed for item your own! As they say, ‘you have to be in it to win it!’.


I’ve made a very simple card using dies I bought before Christmas. The oval scene die is by Pretty Quick and is just called Puffin. The other die is a set of dies and stamps by Apple Blossom called Puffin Dies and Stamps. There’s a stamp to do the facial features and I masked off parts to get the different colours. I used Tonic Hybrid inks in Black Shadow and Carrot Stick. The backing paper is my item from a craft CD. I used Craft Artist to design it and used Craft Scape digi kits – Seaside and Country Garden.

On 29th April my darling husband would have been 60 and he loved puffins. So as soon as I saw these dies I bought them in readiness for his birthday. Sadly he didn’t live to see his birthday and passed away in February.

I was watching a TV program recently about wildlife and there was a piece about puffins. They live at sea and only come back to land to breed. They return to the exact burrow every year and wait for their lifelong mate to join them. Inevitably some don’t make it back and it was so sad to see their mate standing outside the burrow waiting for them - they looked so confused. As they pair up for life if one dies they never look for another mate.

Don't forget to add some thing to your card that has been printed from a craft CD.