Saturday, 17 August 2013

A few more cards

I've been looking through photos of cards I've made and found a few more that I haven't blogged.

This first one was for an aunt of my husband's who loves the colour lilac.

This next one was for my older sister.
My youngest sister's card. 
The next 2 went to the same friend - one for her 'special' birthday and one to cheer her up when she was down.  
The next 2 were for a card swap on one of the forums I belong to.
And finally a wedding card for a colleague who got married in Rhodes just 2 weeks ago. 


The theme for the CD Sunday Challenge this week is Quick and Cute so I decided to make some notelets.
The first ones are from MCS Quintessential Country Garden Disc 1. I just resized a topper, copied so that there was 2 on a page and printed them onto light weight card. I like the sweet little birds in this design.
I then made some using a cd called Country Birdhouses from Crafts at Country Graphics which I bought from eBay back in 2008 so I don't know if they're still in business. I opened the image in MCS and resized it.

Lastly I used Greeting Card Factory version 9 to make these really cute kitty ones.

I used the template for notelets so I didn't need to resize them. I added a pink background, the pewter frame and the kitten photo. I think these are my favourites as I love cats/kittens.